Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sandpoint. 10 Rova, 4707 AR.

Damn.  I want to write all about the crap we faced in the caverns, because I know it might matter at some point.  But, I am just too damn tired.  Bad-ass fairies, rats, zombies, three-armed goblins:  it was a helluva day and I just want a decent bed and about a year of good sleep.

Here's what I remember.  We had learned that Ameiko's sketchy-ass brother and his half-human/half-demon lover were trying to hustle some sorta army through the caverns under the glassworks to sacrifice Sandpoint to the lover's demon master.  (Yeah, I have a hard time following that, too.)  Anyway, we decided that maybe we should poke around the caverns a little to see what we could learn about the lover's plans, particularly now that it seems the army isn't quite as strong as she thought it was gonna be.  We geared up a bit (and finally buy some damn rope) and then made our way to the caverns.  I'm gonna be honest:  the next few hours are a blur.  A lot of stuff came at us fast.  We eventually made our way to a room with a huge set of doors.  I remember that part.  On the other side, of course, is trouble, in the form of some demented fairy hovering over a creepy ass lava pool.  (The kid later identified it as a "quasit," but I think "demented fairy" is definitely a more accurate description.)

Before we could really do anything, the "quasit" summoned some crazy ass thing that flies straight at us.  We managed somewhat miraculously to take it down pretty quickly, but we then proceeded to make fools of ourselves trying to get the fairy herself.  The first problem, of course, was that she was about a foot tall.  Do you know how hard it is to hit something with a battle axe that's about a foot tall and buzzing around your head?  (I eventually switched to a long spear, which at least helped a little.)  Plus, she could turn invisible or teleport or something, so every time we got close to cornering her, she disappeared.  Awesome.  Given that we have trouble hitting things we can see, you can imagine how well we do against things that we can't

The only good news is that we weren't as badly prepared as we normally are.  Someone, I can't remember who (probably the kid), knew that these sorta demons are often only really hurt by weapons made of cold-iron, so we had each gotten our hands on some cold-iron equipment.  Turned out that Garridan's cold-iron arrows were the most effective because, man, every time he hit her with one of them, she positively freaked.  However, the problem is that she managed to paralyze Garridan for a good long while right away, making the rest of us basically chase after her like she were a rabid dog and we were dog catchers with holes in our nets.  She was also occasionally pelting us with some sorta miniature knife, which didn't do much damage but also didn't do much for my mood.  Oh, plus, did I mention the dire rats?  Yup.  Dire rats.  Basically, it was a bad scene.

But, Garridan eventually shook off the paralysis and got some revenge in the forma those arrows.  Plus, he gave his cold-iron dagger to the kid, who got in a few hits with that spell of his where he throws a weapon and it returns to him.  Kid also got in some hits with magic missile (though not his damn bombs, which continue to do more damage to ME than our enemies).  Signe?  She had less of a good time.  Although I'm pretty sure that she took out a rat or two, she also managed to fall of the stage.  After the roof incident, one of us is going to have to convince her that acrobatics aren't really her strong suit.

Anyway, one of us, I can't remember who, managed to strike the final blow and the whole place got real quiet.  Like eery quiet in a way that only a secret cavern with demented fairies and glowing pools of lava can get.  We made our way to the other parts of the caverns, where we got surprised by a buncha zombies.  Freaking undead.  You'd think zombie would be the worst part of the day, but we then suddenly found ourselves facing down a three-armed goblin.  Yup.  A three-damned-armed goblin.  Honestly, by this point, I was ready to drop my axes, return to the Dragon, pack up my stuff, and leave this town, without even looking over my shoulder.  Thankfully (or, maybe, unfortunately), Signe suddenly found her footing and took down the thing with one damn mighty swing of her greatsword.  I don't know if I would've believed it if I hadn't been standing right there.  Exhausted, we managed to gather up some stuff off the goblin and stumble back to Sandpoint.  We've clearly got more questions than answers at this point, but I'm gonna worry about them tomorrow.  For now, sleep.

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